Mary Muckle – Harpist

Mary is director of The Ottawa Youth Harp Ensemble and harp accompanist for the penillion ensemble, Cantorion Cerdd Dant.

In the fall of 2022, both of these ensembles performed in the concert “First Catch Your Peacock – Welsh Culinary Delights and Bardic Music” under Mary’s direction. They will perform again in an upcoming 2024 spring concert “ Not Walls, But Bridges”, featuring  South and Central American music which has evolved in the last 300 years through the influx of many immigrant cultures, for example, those of Spain, Africa, Ireland and Wales.

Mary was harp accompanist For the Ottawa Story Tellers’ 2023 performances of the Birth of Taliesin and the Four Branches of the Mabinogion in Ottawa and Perth, Ontario.  Her arrangements and compositions are published by Afghan Press. “ Harp and Soul– A Harp Ensemble Tutor”, Mary’s most recent publication, is a collection of 15 ensemble arrangements she wrote for her students over a 25 year period of teaching in Ottawa.

Mary will be performing at the Welcome Tea on Friday afternoon.