2014 Gold Award Winner – Myfanwy Davies

Congratulations to Myfanwy Davies of Ottawa, extremely worthy recipient of this year’s Gold Award, presented by The Ontario Welsh Festival.

There can hardly be anyone in the North American Welsh community who doesn’t know Myfanwy and isn’t aware of all that she has contributed to “the cause” over the years.

I first met Myfanwy and the Davies family shortly after I arrived in Canada (too late, unfortunately, to have known Albert, the patriarch) and was immediately welcomed by “the girls” – mother Vronwen and Myfanwy’s sisters, Gwen and Catrin.   I immediately realized that the entire family was head over heels involved in all matters Welsh, not only in Ottawa but also further afield.

With what organizations has she been involved?  So many!  She epitomizes the “Energizer Bunny” as she so willingly gives of her time and effort to The Ottawa Welsh Society, the Ottawa Welsh Choral Society, The Ontario Welsh Festival (OGGA), and the North American Festival of Wales to name but a few.  She has been on the Boards of all the above organizations, serving in many capacities, for several years.  You need something done?  Ask Myfanwy!   Do you remember the very successful North American Gymanfa in Buffalo in 2004?  Who was the President that year?  Myfanwy Davies.

When Merched Dewi, the Welsh women’s chorus based in Dewi Sant Welsh church, Toronto, needs extra singers to boost our quality, we turn to Ottawa.  Myfanwy is one of the first to lend her support and has sung with us on many occasions.  Along with a few of her fellow Ottawa choristers, she accompanied us to Wales in 2010 when we were guests of Côr Bro Nest.  It was a particularly emotional visit for Myfanwy and Gwen as their grandfather had been headmaster of the village school where we were all billeted.

Singing plays a huge part in her life (well she is Welsh after all!!!) and she has also been a member of Mari Morgan’s North American Welsh Choir.  She has travelled extensively with that Choir, including a visit to Patagonia.

If a Welsh choir or soloist wants to visit Ottawa, who organizes the event?  No prizes for guessing that, of course, it’s Myfanwy.

If an article needs to be written about any Welsh related event, Myfanwy’s the one to get that done.

If I need information about past members of the OWF or any details of any events, to whom do I turn?  Myfanwy! The pattern was set by her parents, Vronwen and Albert, who had an “open-door” policy at their home and welcomed any visitors from the homeland.  One of my favourite Welsh expressions is “mae natur y cyw yn y cawl” (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) and this is certainly true of Myfanwy.

Please come to the Banquet at the Marriot Gateway on the Falls on Saturday, April 26, 2014 to show Myfanwy how much we appreciate all that she had done over the years for the Welsh cause in Ontario and North America.  The Award is so well deserved.

– Hefina Phillips