About the Festival

The Ontario Gymanfu Ganu Association has been having an annual event since 1961 which has evolved and changed through the years but music, fun and the celebration of all things Welsh have been a constant. Now called the Ontario Welsh Festival the flow of the weekend is as follows. You can find specific information about the events in the Events & Schedule section on the site.

On Friday afternoon there is a Welcome Tea and in the evening the Welsh equivalent of an “Open Mike Night” called a Noson Lawen. After our stage performances we move on to the Afterglow with much singing around the piano.

Saturday is action packed with our AGM in the morning, and seminars/movies on topics relating to Welsh culture and history in the afternoon, and often there will be an event like a bus tour to highlight the Welsh connections of the city we are in. Then in the evening is the Banquet with The Gold Award presentation, and our concert featuring a incredible musical talent from Wales.

Sunday we come together for the Cymanfu Ganu where we are join our voices together under the direction of our guest conductor from Wales.

Please take a look through the website to learn more about the specifics of this year’s Ontario Welsh Festival.