2017 Gold Award Winner – Betty Cullingworth

2017 Gold Award Winner – Betty Cullingworth

The Board of the Ontario Gymanfa Ganu Association is delighted to announce the recipient of the 2017 Gold Award.  Congratulations to Betty Cullingworth, a winner truly worthy of this recognition. Betty is well known in the Ontario Welsh Community and indeed in North America for her enthusiastic support of the Welsh Community.

Born into a Welsh speaking family in Toronto, Betty has been a faithful member of Dewi Sant Welsh Church since birth.  She is a member of the Board of Session, a past Superintendent of the Sunday school and the organizer of our Centenary Celebrations in 2007.  She works tirelessly and her service extends beyond the wall of the church through the Outreach program and volunteering at the Scott mission for homeless people in Toronto.

Betty is the founding director of Merched Dewi – a women’s choir who sing in Welsh and regularly participate in the services at Dewi Sant and in events such as the Noson Lawen of the Ontario Welsh Festival . In 2013 Merched Dewi, under Betty’s leadership, performed at the North American Festival of Wales (NAFOW); and in 2010, she led the choir on a very successful two week performance tour in Wales.

An accomplished conductor, pianist and organist you may have seen Betty leading and participating in Cymanfaoedd at Dewi Sant and other North American venues.  She has organized numerous special events such as Nosweithiau Llawen, concerts, and an amazing Black Lights presentation. She was also the local organizer for the very successful 2013 North American Festival when it came to Toronto. Whatever work is needed, Betty is the person one can turn to.

Betty is a long time Board member of the Ontario Welsh Festival, is a Past President and it was she who spearheaded the 50th anniversary of the organization in 2011.  The Gold Award, Betty’s idea, was inaugurated in 2011 to commemorate our Golden Anniversary.  Betty has also served as a member of the Board of NAFOW ; she continues to support the organization and always attends the Festivals.