The 2024 Marketplace vendors were:

Celtic Fair Jewelry
A mother and daughter partnership, Constance and Patricia Scrafield, Celtic Fair sells high quality 92.5 Sterling Silver Celtic jewellery. While most of their designs are the traditional Celtic Designs everyone loves, they also carry an exclusive line, still Celtic and created by their partner V. Hermes in the U.K. These carry an assortment of semi-precious stones from around the world, which Patricia shops and sets herself. This means they can produce custom pieces. We know you will be excited to see their selections for the Festival.
Ruach Crafts
Ellen will be at the Festival with a selection of Welsh-themed items. Ruach Crafts has the largest selection of Celtic needlework kits and patterns in North America.  They also proudly carry a wide selection of Celtic t-shirts for adults from small to 3XL, and t shirts/onesies for children from 3 – 6 months to size 6X.  Lastly, for a limited time, until they are gone, they carry a unique line of pewter jewellery, hand crafted in Wales.  
Red Dragon Dairy
Red Dragon Dairy is a family owned artisanal cheese plant & retail store in beautiful Oxford County. They will be bringing a selection of delicious food items.
Barrie Doyle
Barrie Doyle was born in Wales and has lived in the UK as well as both the United States and Canada. He is a former journalist with major newspapers in Canada and magazines in the United States. He is the author of Welsh-themed The Oak Grove Conspiracies. They are modern day thrillers with a historic twist OR, if you prefer, historic thrillers with a modern twist.

The Oak Grove Conspiracies: (The Excalibur Parchment; The Lucifer Scross; The Prince Madoc Secret)
Wales is a land of history, music, culture, legends and myths.
What if some of the legends were true? What if the legends still have an impact on the 21st century world? This series probes some of the great legends through Welsh eyes and at Welsh locations. It is a world of intrigue, terrorism, mystical wonders and wildly divergent religious faiths. Excalibur looks at King Arthur’s legendary sword; Lucif Scroll considers the Spear of Destiny and its impact on history’s tyrants; Prince Madoc looks at the legend of a Welsh Prince who arrived and settled in North America 300 years before Columbus. The books are popular page-turners and have been compared to Tom Clancy and Ken Follet.
Musick for the King
The great musical masterpiece “Messiah” was created by as man who’d hit the heights of celebrity and fame only to lose it all. Facing great opposition George Frederick Handel clawed his way back in a true story that actually reflects modern society: fickle public tastes, vested political and religious opposition, public sex scandals, public scorn. anti-immigrant movements and, finally, redemption. Musick for the King is a true story told in an entertaining way.
Ontario Welsh Festival
See the Festival table for some interesting souvenir items.