April 19-21, 2024 Stratford

Limerick Contest

Rev. Dr. Cerwyn Davies has composed two limericks. You are asked to supply the final line to either or both of the limericks: one in English and the other in Welsh.

And that is the good news. You have until noon on Saturday, April 22, 2023 to show your poetic skills. Submit your masterpieces at the Registration Desk or email to limerick@ontariowelshfestival.ca. Make sure to add your nom-de-plume so that the adjudicator(s) can’t be bribed!!

The winner(s) will be announced at the Banquet. Attendance at the banquet is not required to participate.

Important Note: Anyone handing in a limerick, however brilliant, after that time will be “fined” by having to buy Gwen or Hefina a glass of wine at the Banquet.

Good luck. Pob lwc!


I Ottawa ‘leni amdani,

Rwy’n teimlo fel gwd dôs o ganu.

Penwythnos o hwyl

Tra’n dathlu yr Wyl


Our Dewi to Ottawa went,

To sing he was truly hell bent,

He sang every song

The whole weekend long